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MyKratom.Life Community & Mobile App Launched

With all eyes on Facebook as of late, many groups under it’s scrutiny have sought out alternate options. None of which are better than having your own social community. You make the rules, you choose to run ads or not, you have the final say. 

The Kratom Community is no exception. A group of individuals who benefit from the use of an organic and legal plant (Kratom) should be able to speak their minds and interact with one another, plan advocacy actions and network with one another. More and more, they found themselves and their groups banned from Facebook. 

It's Like Having Your Own Facebook Minus The Corruption

Let’s face it, Facebook isn’t exactly a trusted place for anything these days. They’ve allowed thousands of developers full access into peoples lives and have collected and sold troves of data about everyone to anyone with a wallet. Every day now we’re bombarded with spam calls from spoofed numbers, sent thousands of spam emails and we’re overwhelmed by malicious ads that pop open windows to throw up even more spam — even on our phones! Sometimes, even we hate the internet. But like all problems we face, we make amazing solutions.

MyKratom.Life is a social media platform and information hub self contained, meaning it doesn’t require Facebook, or Twitter, or Discord. People open the app and communicate away. It’s operation is very similar to Facebook in that there’s a main social wall which all members of the platform can see and interact with. From there, users can create or join groups and manage those just like Facebook. People can post statuses, links, photos, videos, basically anything relevant to your community or platform and others can react to it in real time. Unlike Facebook, site members can easily search through all posts for specific words or phrases finding exactly what they need quickly. 

We’ve even incorporated an in-app marketplace where users can make purchases for physical goods without leaving the app. Operational costs are minimal as it doesn’t require onsite IT staff to manage. Check it out for yourself and see some of the custom development Keystone Web Studios can do.

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