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Mobile Application Development for Android and iOS Devices with React Native.

Considered one of the most powerful tools in today’s multi-channel digital environment, mobile applications have significant benefits for businesses & organizations. Worldwide this year, adults will on average spend 5 hours per day inside mobile applications versus just over 30 minutes inside their mobile browser. Let’s explore the benefits and challenges of building a mobile application for your business or organization in 2019.

6 Reasons Why You Need To "Go Mobile"

Sales Growth

Increase company profits & grow customer base with each new app download.

Audience Building

Establish relationships with your customers no matter where they are in the World.

Marketing & Comm.

Push news, sales & discount information to each user who has downloaded your app.

Business Optimization

Automate & simplify customer or employee tasks such as data submissions or check-ins.

Customer Loyalty

Build customer loyalty by allowing ordering, payment and CS functions within your app.


Gain valuable insight into your customers by leveraging detailed application analytics.

The Cost of Mobile Application Development

There is no standard range of mobile application development costs and the figures will vary based on the type of application you’re building as well as the experience of the developer / IT firm you’ve selected. Googling “Mobile Application Development Costs” will result in figures between $1,000 for simple apps developed overseas to $250,000 USD for an advanced multi-feature app that utilizes 3rd party APIs. These costs are the primary deciding factor whether companies choose to develop a mobile application or not.

Developing Your App, Twice.

Another cost factor is whether or not your application will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Because these two platforms utilize different code bases (Java for Android & Swift for iOS), an application must be developed for each platform.

Reducing Cost With React Native

To reduce cost, code complexity and decrease development time, we utilize the React Native (RN) framework in order to simultaneously build the iOS and Android versions of your app from a single codebase. In addition, we’re able to utilize powerful 3rd party libraries available to RN in order to speed up development time for certain application aspects like authentication, data storage and other common functionalities.

Average App Development Costs*

* Information from a study by Formotus
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Ready To Test Drive An App?

Check out ’20 Matters, a 2020 US Presidential Election Asssistant made by us.

’20 Matters is a mobile application developed with React Native by Keystone Web Studios that demonstrates different capabilities apps can utilize, including: data requests via 3rd party API, local data storage, visual layouts, location access and more.

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